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Available for Christmas only.The Norfolk Black is the Ultimate Turkey for Taste, Flavour and Juiciness. It is a very old traditional breed which is much slower to mature than the factory farmed Turkeys available today. We produce all our own Turkeys here at the farm where they are free to roam the woods during the day . They have a great big barn to sleep in at night which protects them from "Mr Fox" . We started producing our Free Range Turkeys six years ago and the feed back we get from our customers is amazing. "The juiciest and most flavoursome turkey I have ever tasted" " I didn't like Turkey until I had one of yours" All turkeys are hand plucked and are dry aged for 10 to 14 days for extra tenderness . All Turkeys come oven ready with the Giblets packed separately. All Turkeys come with a thermometer.

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