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A Unique Way of Farming

Over the years we have developed our own unique way of farming and this combined with our traditional way of preparing our meat,makes us confident that our Aberdeen Angus Beef and Texel Lamb are some of the most mouthwatering meats you will ever taste.

The main factors are:

1. We do not feed our animals any manufactured meal or grain. Our animals live outside all year round and graze only the highest quality lush green pastures of grass and clover. In winter they graze fresh Kale or Rape with some silage. This means our meat is extremely healthy and full of flavour.

2. We only have Aberdeen Angus cattle and Texel sheep on our farm. 

3. Our animals live outside all year round eating fresh green food every day and have extremely heathly happy natural lives.

4. Our animals are reared on our farm and are not stressed by travelling great distances. Also when they do have to finally make a journey we take them ourselves directly, without the stress of a passing through a market and coming across lots of strangers.

5. We use only the highest quality high sugar grasses which increases utilisation and therfore reduces pollution.

6. Our 100% natural diet gives our meat it exceptionally delicious flavour and has many health benefits, including increasing the amount of Omega 3 in it.

7. All our beef is matured on the bone for one month to create maximum taste and tenderness.